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I am interested in illustrating mathematical concepts through computer graphics and 3D fabrication. Below are links to some projects along these lines.

Undergraduates interested in working on an Honors Program research project can feel free to email me.

Together with Janet Chen, I worked on a project to design and produce 3D models to be used in active learning lessons in multivariable calculus courses at Harvard University.

Se our project website for information on the models, and details on the project.

Flat Klein bottle sculpture

A curved-crease origami sculpture of the "flat" Klein bottle. This is the image of a Klein bottle with zero Gaussian curvature meant to preserve most of its geometry and topology.

A full explanation available in my Bridges 2021 paper. See also my interview in Physics Magazine.

Californians love to complain about how they get the fewest Electoral College votes per capita. But is that really the best way to think about their voting power? I made this YouTube video to illustrate different ways of thinking about how power is distributed among states in the Electoral College (and to the individual voters in those states).

This video was my submission to the SoME1 contest.

In Fall 2019, I participated in the ICERM semester program in "Illustrating Mathematics". I got to work with mathematicians from around the country on illustrating various mathematical concepts using an assortment of media including 3D fabrication, computer graphics, and virtual reality. My focus at the program was thinking of ways to illustrate mathematics to undergraduate students.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DMS-1439786 and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation award G-2019-11406 while the author was in residence at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics in Providence, RI, during the Illustrating Mathematics program.

Desmos Applets

On my Thingiverse site @stepanp21, I have posted even more 3D print designs (in addition to most of the designs listed above). A few favorites: