Below is a list of major projects and involvements I am working on and have worked on in the recent past.

Committee Memberships

  • College of Sciences Faculty Advisory Committee

  • Math Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Committee

  • Math Undergraduate Recruitment Committee

  • Math Undergraduate Advising Committee

MA 103 Restructure

Updated content for the Distance Education version of the course. Open Textbook Grant to adapt MA-103 "Topics in Contemporary Mathematics" to use open-source textbooks and resources

At Harvard, I worked with Janet Chen on a project to create physical manipulatives for active learning lessons in multivariable and integral calculus.

Math Education Research

I study student interactions with physical 3D models in calculus courses and how those interactions affect their learning, spatial skills, and attitudes towards the subject.

Calculus III Course Coordinator

I set a rough schedule for all instructors teaching Calculus III every semester, and I provide assistance and resources for graduate students and other new instructors.

Please see the Illustration page for projects in mathematical illustration.

Math 18b/19b

Developed a new course Math 18b/19b: Linear algebra, probability, and statistics with computing at Harvard

At Harvard I was the chair of the Undergraduate Events Committee, organizing Math Table, "Why Do Math?" talks, and other events for the department.